Baba Yaga – A4 size –

Baba Yaga

“…People had warned me for painting Babayaga…A key figure from Slavic folklore, the greatest wicked witch of all. But that didn’t stopped the stubborn little girl in me who was long gone into the forest with nothing more than a far too confident heart. I can honestly say by know…I was drowning , not to say terrified to the bone. Just like all those lost wanderers who stumbled upon her hut on chicken legs in the dark forest, most of them ending up as a skull on a stick. There was the point I almost gave up, my paint was refusing, every brushstroke was a disaster. She spoke to me in a language only my heart could understand. And after a while I picked myself up and dared to answer back, that was the turning point.. That’s when the shapeshifting occured. Her smile became sweeter, with the oils I sculpted her bloodshot wise eyes soft, my grandparents appeared now and then in the glaze of her iris. She and her fuzzy owl became a beacon of comfort to return to on my easel every day… I was even allowed to decorate her with ..cute little fairy skulls as beads, our holy Amanita Muscaria and snowy pinecones. With a cracking bird-like laugh she lovingly laughed at me… Now leave my hut and do your magick, go shoo shoo…”

With Love and Magic,


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Fairytale Art print.

From my original Oil on Linen painting.

Printed on beautiful natural unbleached eco-friendly paper from 100% agricultural waste, which is the stems and leaves left over the harvest and which is often burnt.

Size: A4 print 21 cm x 29,7 cm



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