Book of Magick – 21 fullcolour Artcards to frame or send. A5+size

Artcardbook of Magick: An enchanted collection of fairytale drawings and paintings by Meg .

Inspired by the old folk and fairy tales of her own childhood, Meg Lemmens conjures up
those hidden and forgotten worlds on paper and canvas in her beloved mossy, muted
forest tones. Her drawings and paintings seem to have flown out of an old dusty antique
fairy tale book. The kind you find treasure hunting on a shady attic or in a rusty barn,
where you first have to blow off some dust before you unlock it with a golden key and maybe
gently remove some lovely mushroom beings growing on it…

Each Artcard is printed on highquality matte paper with a vintage look postcard back and has it’s own title from the original drawing or painting.

With a glossy protective cover and back.

Easily to remove and stick back, to frame or to send to a loved one.

size: 16 cm x 22 cm.

Beautiful wrapped with tissuepaper in a postal box.



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Once upon a time…

“…Under a waning gibbous September moon, deep in the Dutch Lowlands,
a pencil in my tiny left hand and a stubborn frown between my little dark eyebrows,
I came into this world. From that moment on, paintbrushes and pencils became my magic
wands to capture the magic all around me. I grew up surrounded by enchanting meadows
full of whimsical wildflowers, grumpy old stones, ditches full of frogs and my wise old
friend Mr. Buzzard, soaring high up above me. Daydreaming under the grey-golden skies
filled with cotton balls like castles made of clouds, I learned to listen to their ancient stories.
I let them carry me to other worlds of wonder and strangeness where the concept of time
doesn’t exist. Like a little moth, I loved to flutter around in the dark and dreamy worlds,
spellbound by the beauty of the creatures. It became my childhood dream to make
the unseen seen with my hands, whether it was sculpted trolls and wizards from sticky
cornfield clay or fairytales illustrated on paper or wood. The little witch in me never left,
she grew into a woman and her dream became reality. This little book of magic invites you
to wander with me through these realms. I promise you fireflies (or fairies) will illuminate
your path in case you get lost. It’s that place between sleep and awake, forever among the
Spirits and Beings, that’s where you’ll find me…” With Love and Magick, Meg

With Love and Magic,





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