Bumblehoney – A4 size –


“…The portrait of this little folklore girl was envoked by a longing for autumn on a sweltering summer day, while I was dreamily sketching with my watercolor. The hum of heavy fuzzy bumblebee bodies searching around me for flowers put me in a kind of little trance, a daydream with my eyes wide open…I believe that was the moment the mushrooms grew around her, deep from the roots of the trees. She was in a state of wonder and amazement, no idea what she saw, perhaps another realm, I never figured out where the bunny ears came from, but it’s exactly those little magical moments that I love to paint most…

With Love and Magic,


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Fairytale Art print.

From my original watercolor and pencil drawing.

Printed on beautiful natural unbleached eco-friendly paper from 100% agricultural waste, which is the stems and leaves left over the harvest and which is often burnt.

Size: A4 print 21 cm x 29,7 cm



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