Fairyblood – A4 size –


“…It’s something you are born with whether you want it or not. It’s those little things that make you understand the animals just a little better, see the plant creatures in more colors and allow you to read ancient stories in the stones. You can hear the whispers of the wind and feel the dance of the waters. Those strange pointed ears are so much more sensitive than human ears, like small antennas, they pick up everything that is often hidden from others. But even though it sometimes feels like a curse in a heavy world like ours, know that it is your greatest gift, stay fragile and lightly child…”

With Love and Magic,


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Fairytale Art print.

From my original pencil drawing.

Printed on beautiful natural unbleached eco-friendly paper from 100% agricultural waste, which is the stems and leaves left over the harvest and which is often burnt.

Size: A4 print 21 cm x 29,7 cm



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