Shamamama – A4 size –


“…Who is She? She is You.

She is all the beautiful women on this earth.

The sisters, mothers, grandmothers and granddaughters, giving thanks and blessing the waters. All the medicine women creating and weaving this web of life in their circles.

The Divine Feminine, with all Her beautiful shadows with all Her brilliant light.

The Great Mother, Earthmother. She who is called by many names.

She is the whisper of the wind, the roar in an earthquake and the rage in a thunderstorm.

She is the sacred river dancing through the earth like a snake, as She dances through our spine.

She is the ocean running through our veins and salty tears to cleanse and purify with her tides.

She is the mountain and She is the desert.

She gives life.

She takes life.

She renews life.

She is life.

She is the magic spark in every seed.

A loving womb that carry us, nurture us and create us.

She is eternal Love.

Mother of us all, calling us back to Life…”

With Love and Magic,


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Fairytale Art print.

From my original pencil drawing.

Printed on beautiful natural unbleached eco-friendly paper from 100% agricultural waste, which is the stems and leaves left over the harvest and which is often burnt.

Size: A4 print 21 cm x 29,7 cm



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