Silent Night - Downloadable Artwork - Digital file



Did you know that there is a little angel in every match you light? YOU are that light, inside that little flame….and it NEVER goes out. Even if it’s dark and cold and you think no one sees you

I see you…

We see you…

You are never alone…

High quality Digital Artwork  of -The girl with the matchsticks- Graphite on paper with 22 carat gold leaf.

The saddest fairy tale I know, but unfortunately it’s NOT a fairy tale.

There are a lot of forgotten children… that’s why I put this drawing in the shop as a downloadable print. You can contribute for 10 euros. or more, as much as you can spare, then you order more.

You will receive a high resolution jpeg of the original drawing. All proceeds go to the charity organisation “the forgotten child” Het vergeten kind.

The original is available too… A3 size Graphite and 22 karat Gold leaf on Paper. Email me if you’re interested.

Will you help me spread that little flame a little bit more?

With Love and Magick,