Commissioned Original

Handmade traditional Fine Art Original (no digital stuff) with graphite pencil and/or black ink. No colour.

How do I work?

I ask you to send me keywords that describe what you want to see/feel in your drawing, which symbolism, spiritanimal etc. You choose a main object and several objects can be added. The main object is for example an animal or nature spirit and you want see a particular plant or flower beings or any other creature incorporated into it.

I work very intuitively and my inspiration most of the time comes from a meditative/dreamstate. Which means that I often “get lost in other worlds” before I come to you with a concrete vision and get started.I will then contact you and take you through the storystelling, discuss the workhours/price (plus shipping costs) with you and get to work.

Once started, the drawing cannot be changed/adjusted much, so think and feel carefully whether the image I see and the story I tell you is right for you. I don’t make sketches beforehand on paper.

What can I request?

Botanical Nature Creatures / Totem Animals / Plant Kingdom. In my style, Fairytale Illustrations, very detailed and Magically Realistic. No family or pet portraits, no logos with fonts.

How much will an original drawing cost me?

Depends on the size and your wishes. The time goes into how many objects you want to see incorporated in the drawing. The more objects the more hours I will put into work. It’s an original piece, unique and custom made only for you, no prints will be made of it.

Before I start you pay half of the price agreed price as a deposit via my webshop. (I will create a separate code) When the drawing is ready, you pay the other half and your artwork will be sent to you (registered and insured parcel) in protected packaging with a track and trace.

Let me draw you some magick!

Love Meg