Wall Tapestry / Altarcloth – Tales of the Tiny Tribe – Rainbowchild

Tiny Tale of the Rainbowchild

“…It was the first time I saw her on that South American beach in the middle of the night.

An armadillo was shuffling around me and I remember the sweet scent of limes.

A green moist soothing world surrounded her, together with the heavy earthy smoke of mapacho and tingling fresh drops of aqua de Florida water.

She wore a necklace of tobacco leaves and her hummingbird totem…

Jungle jewels were crawling around her arms with their shimmering emerald green and golden shields.

It was just before she disappeared that I saw the codes light up in the rainforest frog’s metallic skin…

and then they were gone.

I sat on that strange white sand until the sun came up.

As golden and warm as your eyes…”



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Magic for your home

A velvety soft wall tapestry / altar cloth made of sustainable fabric made from plastic ocean waste.

Finished with a gorgeous ribbon, printed and handmade in The Netherlands.

Size: 75 cm x 103 cm.

This beautiful printed tapestry has a warm soft look and feel due to the velvety fabric. As wall art or as an altar cloth, or simply as an eye-catcher on your couch. This tapestry will bring a little magic into your interior.

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