Cura Creatura Totemcards – A4 size set of 3 – Muted Earthtones

The Spirit of Amanita Muscaria

“…A whisper came from the dark pine forest. Where all the other trees are bare in the coldest season of the year, their needles remain green. They give us their pine cones to connect us with the wood and forestspirits. I saw the little bone collectors shuffling among the forestfloor, with their little snouts and beady eyes… gleaming tails that curled around the skin of the creatures that had emerged from their hidden kingdom underground beneath my feet. These tiny beings, magic mushrooms, flesh of the old Gods, they talk to the roots of pines, oaks and cedars. But I was only looking for their Queen. I could feel her deep down beneath me… poisonous fly algaric with your pale orange to deep red cloak with irregular moonwhite spots speckled upon you. You are deadly…beautiful…”

The Spirit of Cacao

“…I closed my eyes and saw the patterns like veins in the skin of an old wise being. Like rivers of dark brown nectar, sweet and spicy. Heart’s blood flowing and branching its way through the jungle like plant roots. Curled craving green fingers searching for nutrition in fertile soil. Hummingbirds flashed past me together with an army of shiny buzzing insects. I followed the dark earth sounds, a drum in the distance, a heartbeat, it was my heartbeat….”

The Spirit of Cannabis

“…Your sacred smoke is blown on altars all over the world, your seeds of freedom buried in holy soil, your spirit-enhancing flowers ease pain from the Himalayas to the rainforests of Latin America, but you took me to Africa, the birthplace of humankind. Where the Atlantic Ocean greets the land and leave us little presents in the white sand, tribal painted sea shells. I’ve looked at you many times in my mind, but I didn’t really saw you until your eyes came out of my sunbleached paper, Like a quiet good old friend…”





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Luxury Artcard set of 3 Sacred Plantspirits.

From my original A2 ink drawings of the Cura Creatura.  Plantmedicine Spirits of the Amanita Muscaria, Cannabis and the Sacred Cacao.

Size: A4 size, 21 cm x 29,7 cm.

Printed on 300 grs Old Mill Dutch paper.

Luxury cardset on Dutch vintagelook paper, muted earthcolours, wrapped in tissue paper and carefully packed in an A4 cardboard enveloppe.

As a beautiful gift to send to a loved one, but also suitable for framing.

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