The Spirit of Amanita – Vintage Cream A2 size

Quality Fine Art Fairytale print on Vintage Paper.

“…A whisper came from the dark pine forest.

Where all the other trees are bare in the coldest season of the year, their needles remain green.

They give us their pine cones to connect us with the wood and forestspirits.

I saw the little bone collectors shuffling among the forestfloor, with their little snouts and beady eyes… gleaming tails that curled around the skin of the creatures that had emerged from their hidden kingdom underground beneath my feet..

These tiny beings, magic mushrooms, flesh of the old Gods, they talk to the roots of pines, oaks and cedars. But I was only looking for their Queen. I could feel her deep down beneath me… poisonous fly algaric with your pale orange to deep red cloak with irregular moonwhite spots speckled upon you. You are deadly…beautiful.

And just before I was about to get up from the mossy forest floor, the soft whisper grew louder, the wind suddenly seemed to come from all directions and I heard her voice.

The Spirit of Amanita Muscaria appeared to me. Two huge darkgolden brown eyes looked at me through the evergreens, with the longest lashes I’d ever seen…

“Fly with me!” she said and we flew over snowy treetops in a dizzying flight accompanied by thousands of twinkling winter stars in a velvety black night.

At some point I realized that we were no longer in the air but deep down underground. Intertwined in a neverending quiet web. Electric thin twinkling wires
like the iridescent wings of the dragonfly, exploring the mysteries of life together.

Oh Amanita Muscaria you scared me, humbled me and showed me divine beauty.

You taught me that we are all part of the same story, interwoven into this great cosmic web of dark and light…”


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Quality Fine Art Fairytale print.

From my original ink drawing.

Size: A2 print 42 cm x 59,4 cm.

Printed on 90 g Vintage recycled fiber paper. Beautiful antique look and feel paper like the old library posters of the past. This paper takes you back to the classroom of biology with all the vintage botanical prints.
Please note: the paper is amazing but quite thin and therefore fragile.

All these large vintage posters are carefully wrapped and rolled in tissue paper and shipped in a quality sturdy cardboard tube, to ensure that these spirits end up safely in your home. When taking your print out of the package, do not be temped to roll it the other way since it might crease the paper. Instead leave it on a flat clean surface and it will flatten itself.

All Spirits and Beings come with a certificate of authenticity label on the back, signed with my signature, to ensure you are in possession of a high-quality fine art print of the original piece made in my studio. However due to the thickness of this paper, I will supply the certificate of authenticity label separately with these Spirits and can be attached to the back if desired.

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