Fairytale Velvet Postcardset of 9- A5 size

Tale of the Wildchild

“…The far North, Lands of the Sami with the Northern Star. Where the sun hardly shines. Ancient endless frozen crystal pine forests are your playing field. You have warrior blood flowing through you. The reindeer skin drum is your heartbeat. The howl of the wolves your voice and you dream in ancient runestones. Like your ancestors, who have lived here for thousands of years. Along with your clever fox and your owl with the galaxies in his eyes, you roam the land of the ice giants. You are not afraid of creatures from dark folktales, you are one of them… Little girl with the red fiery braids and wild eyes, you can’t be tamed. And I pray to the Old Gods you stay that way…”

Tale of the Holy Child

“…Moisty swamp nights, a jungle of strange sounds. The sound of rustling dry leaves and seeds like a rattle, like the snakes that accompany her in her little rituals. Soft lapping of river water against the banks. The sweet scent of holy basil and a thousand fireflies blinking on and off in the darkness. She makes altars of paper flowers and beads made of clay from far away lands. Her skin turns gold from the ocher dust and with a soft breeze of the warm southern wind she blows all her prayers into the world. This holy child, conjuring the deepest magic we can imagine…”

Tale of the Moonchild

“…In that deep dark water, where the wisps and leaves of plants sway like soft butterfly wings, a mermaid-like creature dives down. Deep down to that sea of ​​pearls. Everything seems to sparkle with the rays of moonlight, reaching the bottom of the ocean. In that underwater forest of crystals you can hear her sing with the frogs. Strange botanicals with stringy roots float upwards, drawn with dark and light, woven into a web of silver cosmic energy. She will take you to this underwater kingdom if you dare. Don’t be afraid, it’s otherworldly beautiful down there…”

Tale of the Rainbowchild

“…It was the first time I saw her on that South American beach in the middle of the night. An armadillo was shuffling around me and I remember the sweet scent of limes. A green moist soothing world surrounded her, together with the heavy earthy smoke of mapacho and tingling fresh drops of aqua de Florida water. She wore a necklace of tobacco leaves and her hummingbird totem… Jungle jewels were crawling around her arms with their shimmering emerald green and golden shields. It was just before she disappeared that I saw the codes light up in the rainforest frog’s metallic skin…and then they were gone. I sat on that strange white sand until the sun came up. As golden and warm as your eyes…”


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Luxury Artcard set.

From my original drawings and paintings

Size: A5 size

Printed on 300 grs soft touch paper, all with a small Spirits & Beings logo on the back.

This luxury cardset on velvety paper, wrapped in tissue paper and carefully packed in an A5 cardboard box.

As a beautiful gift to send to a loved one, but also suitable for framing.

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