Forestking – A3 size

Museum Quality Fine Art Fairytale print on 100% cotton Paper.

I had fun with this Spirit. A true shape shifter. He changed from Winterking to troll-like wanderer and drunken dwarf to reshape into a mighty Wizard again. It must have looked so weird, me drawing him while laughing at his naughty jokes,oh yes we had fun. We sat by the fire for hours together and a mysterious twinkle came into his eyes, when he started telling me stories. At some point I didn’t know who was who anymore, we melted together in all shapes and characters, the whiskey drinking gnome, the Green Man, the Wise Holly King, he really took me on a journey. The next day I took him to the woods, where he showed me the Holly and the Old Oak, we wandered for days …What a friend… I’m going to miss him. Oh and if a nice whiskey brand (or Honey Mead) passes by here, he really wants to have his portrait on a bottle label someday. I had to promise him that, before we said goodbye. But we’ll come and taste first, make sure there’s a fire burning and prepare yourself for some really naughty jokes.;)


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Quality Fine Art Fairytale print.

From my original watercolour and pencil drawing.

Printed on  290grms Hahnemühle Bamboo Fine Art  paper with archival inks. Hahnemühle Fine Art paper provides the best possible resistance ageing of your print.

Size: A3 print 29,7 cm x 42 cm.

Packed in a transparent sleeve, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a quality hardboard envelope. To ensure you this is an original Fine Art print printed by my local art printer,  it  comes with a certificate of authenticity label on the back, signed with my signature, to ensure you are in possession of a high-quality fine art print of the original piece made in my studio.

I work together with a Dutch local art printer. This professional print studio produces museum-quality fine art prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper and archival inks. Please note that the actual print might look slightly different from what you see on your computer screen, colors may vary. I photograph all Spirits and beings in daylight, but keep in mind the colors can be slightly different once you receive the print. Handle with Care. When taking your print out of the package it might be rolled up (A2 size) do not be temped to roll it the other way since it might crease the paper. Instead leave it on a flat clean surface and it will flatten itself without you have to do anything. If framing your print please do so with care. Prints printed with a lot of black ink can be damaged more easily when touched with fingertips, and I happen to use a lot of dark colors. Make sure you have clean hands or wear gloves.

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