Lion Spirit Textile Poster – Olive Green 55 cm x 40 cm

“…Your sacred smoke is blown on altars all over the world, your seeds of freedom buried in holy soil, your spirit-enhancing flowers ease pain from the Himalayas to the rainforests of Latin America, but you took me to Africa, the birthplace of humankind .

Where the Atlantic Ocean greets the land and leave us little presents in the white sand, tribal painted sea shells.

The land of the first people on this earth. Where all our roots lie, where the oldest familytree of life has spread its branches to all parts of the world. The land of deep valleys and vast grassy plains, otherworldly desert landscapes with an endless horizon. Where the dry ocher dust paint your skin, with the same patterns as the shells of the turtles. Where the spiders and insects resemble aliens, who were here first and will take back the world one day.

I saw the tribe of people stamping their feet in the clay like the ancestors had done thousands of years ago, dusty carved bones like rattles, dry leaves crackling in bonfires where the flames could speak in the ancient language. Slowly I began to move, as if my body naturally let itself be carried away by this flow of released energy, it remembered the movements from a long lost time.

You lay there in the dry tall grass, with your calm golden eyes looking from a safe distance at this rhythmic dance of life.

I’ve looked at you many times in my mind, but I didn’t really saw you until your eyes came out of my sunbleached paper, Like a quiet good old friend.

My king, my greatest teacher of right and wrong.

You made me question this life, swept away old ideas and expanded my mind.

you let us dream this universe into being…”


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Lion Spirit Textile Poster Olive Green.
For in your cozy caravan of campervan this summer:) or wherever you want to hang it.
High quality wrinkle-free polyester textile poster. Leather strings and beech wooden sticks included.
The poster is drawn between beech wooden sticks, and leather rope for hanging. No screws or hooks are supplied for wall-mounting.
Size: 40 cm x 55 cm

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