The Spirit of Cacao – Chocolate Mocha A2 size

Quality Fine Art Fairytale print on Vintage Paper.

“…I closed my eyes and saw the patterns like veins in the skin of an old wise being.

Like rivers of dark brown nectar, sweet and spicy.

Heart’s blood flowing and branching its way through the jungle like plant roots. Curled craving green fingers searching for nutrition in fertile soil.


When I looked closely I saw the celestial symbols and little ancient faces smiling at me.

Some sort of hieroglyphic script, alien and familiar.

Hummingbirds flashed past me together with an army of shiny buzzing insects.

I followed the dark earth sounds, a drum in the distance, a heartbeat, it was my heartbeat.


There it was… a sunkissed temple with a caramel glow, hidden under a blanket of monstrously large leaves.

The air was heavy with the perfume of juicy ripe fruit and the darkest of green.

I had never ever seen such a green, how could a color have a fragrance?

Golden brown honey dripped down the walls like an medicinal balm.


It was dark in the temple. With the last rays of sun I could see the symbols carved in stone.

I felt the nurturing bosom of a thousands foremothers in a deep and loving embrace.

They whispered softness to my soul with words in a language of exotic flowers.

Their babbling almost inaudible voices like a rhythmic ancient lullaby.

I was back in the womb.

A cradle of dark chocolate, warm and rocking.

comforting like a mother.

Slowly and gentle…

with healing hands

She opened my heart…

with Love…”


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Quality Fine Art Fairytale print.

From my original ink drawing.

Size: A2 print 42 cm x 59,4 cm.

Printed on 90 g Vintage recycled fiber paper. Beautiful antique look and feel paper like the old library posters of the past. This paper takes you back to the classroom of biology with all the vintage botanical prints.
Please note: the paper is amazing but quite thin and therefore fragile.

All these large vintage posters are carefully wrapped and rolled in tissue paper and shipped in a quality sturdy cardboard tube, to ensure that these spirits end up safely in your home. When taking your print out of the package, do not be temped to roll it the other way since it might crease the paper. Instead leave it on a flat clean surface and it will flatten itself.

All Spirits and Beings come with a certificate of authenticity label on the back, signed with my signature, to ensure you are in possession of a high-quality fine art print of the original piece made in my studio. However due to the thickness of this paper, I will supply the certificate of authenticity label separately with these Spirits and can be attached to the back if desired.

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